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Adhi Nugraha Design team is a small team coming from different backgrounds who are interested in working cross-disciplinary between art, craft, design, technology, culture, and business. This design team is nothing without the support of creative, skillful, and multi-talented artisans who master various materials and the making of objects.

Our mission

To put art, craft, design, technology, nature, culture, and business to work harmoniously in a collaborative and sustainable way.

We eager to explore the idea of maintaining tradition as a means to continue developing various old traditions by making them beneficial and suitable for contemporary lives.


Our aim

Our passion is to set various traditional wisdoms, materials, techniques, and forms to work together with wild ideas and research.

By bridging tradition and newness, we link the past with the present and the future, and enable every culture, every society, to continue to flourish on the basis of their own roots, their unique local resources, their history, and their preferences. This is where many ideas on sustainability reside. 

Photo by : Dani Effendi

Adhi Nugraha is a teacher, researcher, and designer-maker. He was trained as a product designer in ITB Indonesia, and after his graduation, he worked for several years at a design firm in Germany and earned his MA in Craft Design in 1995 from the University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH Finland. Later he completed his doctoral study in 2012 at the same university (today is Aalto University). After moving back to Indonesia in 2013, besides teaching in ITB, he has been actively involved in development projects for crafts and creative industries in Indonesia. Nugraha also works independently as a designer in his own design studio and workshop (previously named Navetta Design) in Bandung. His interests are craft, design, community development, creative economy, sustainability, socio-cultural aspects in design, and tradition-based design.



Research Center for Cultural and Environmental Products ITB; Head

Indonesia Alliance of Industrial Designers (ADPII); Head of the advisory board.


Indonesia Furniture and Craft Industry Association (HIMKI); Board of experts in design.


Photo by : Dani Effendi

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