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Navetta's Founders


Adhi Nugraha
CEO & Chief Designer

Adhi Nugraha is a teacher, researcher, and designer maker. He was trained as a product designer in ITB Indonesia, and after his graduation, he worked for several years at a design firm in Germany and earned his MA in Craft Design in 1995 from the University of Art and Design Helsinki Finland. Later he completed his doctoral study in 2012 at the same university (today is Aalto University). After moving back to Indonesia in 2013, besides teaching in ITB, he has been actively involving in development projects for crafts and creative industries in Indonesia. Nugraha also works independently as a designer in his own design studio and workshop named Navetta Design in Bandung. The studio and workshop focuses on designing and producing objects made of natural materials such as wood, rattan, and bamboo combined with steel and other fabricated materials. 

Organization: Research Center for Cultural and Environmental Products ITB; Head Indonesia Alliance of Industrial Designers (ADPII); Head of advisory board Indonesia Furniture and Craft Industry Association (HIMKI); Board of experts in design 


A. Shukri Bay
Commisioner & Project Advisor

With electrical Engineering background from ITB, Bandung, in 1973 Ahmad Shukri Bay began his freelancing venture in radio communications. In 1980 he built his own small company of which he solely owns. Five years later, with his peers he built a solid telecommunications consultancy, hardware manufacturing, and system integration companies. Today, there are five companies grown and developed under his management. Now he's still active in business with more than 40 years of entrepreneurial experience. He currently is developing smaller businesses. With the skills and experience at hand, his expertise is an invaluable strength to Navetta team and Studio.


Didan Bay
Director & Concept Designer

Didan studied Fine Art in ITB, Bandung, and Queensland College of Arts, Brisbane. He has always been keen on product/industrial design and apparels. Later he continued his creative journey in Illustration & Concept Art after discovering Concept Design for entertainment industry in 2008. Furthering his conviction to set his path in this field. From 2014 to present, he teaches Dynamic Sketching and Fundamentals of Design for Entertainment. In 2005 he got the opportunity to join team Navetta and went on board straightaway. Ever curious in seeing how his skills contribute in applicable design and product development for the Studio.

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